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Book Selling University

Book Selling   University

   October 24 – 25,  



Keynote by the former VP of Special Sales for Random House

Presentation by Dan Poynter

Sponsored by Bowker

Discover how to …

            Find more buyers

            Sell in large quantities

            Sell non-returnable


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September 25, 6:00 pm ET: The second webinar in a three-part series by Brian Jud: "Making Persuasive Presentations For Large-Quantity Sales" Sign up at

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Executive Director's Blog

Save Thousands of Dollars with The Early-Bird Discount and Bonuses -- APSS Book Selling University, Oct 24-25

Do you want a free book-cover makeover? And discounts on getting your book printed and converted to an ebook? And tips for selling as many books as Random House? And more?


You can get all this if you register for The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) book-selling university by September 19. Here is the offer for early-bird registrations:…

2014 APSS Book-Selling University -- Speaker Highlight

October 24-25 in Philadelphia --  sponsored by Bowker

Carol McManus will present: "Using Linkedin to Reach Professional Buyers."

So you’ve written your book – you’re ready to publish – or maybe you have already published – but do you have your buyers lined up?  There are many categories of consumers for your book:  individual readers, educational institutions, corporations, associations, non-profits, libraries…the list goes on.

    Did you know that social media in general, and LinkedIn specifically, can be one of your most powerful tools to get the word out?  But there are ways to do it to get the best results. It all starts with you having a clear vision of who your ideal buyers are and then using the appropriate tools to reach them.

    This session will give you insights, techniques, do’s and don’t’s, secrets, and successes for calling on corporate buyers. Warm up you pen and get ready to take notes. This session promises to give you specific direction and the foundation for you to rocket your book to success by selling to more non-bookstore buyers!

See the full agenda and more information at

Register by September  19 to be eligible for a free book-cover makeover and other Early-Bird Discounts

Top 10 Tips for Selling More Books

In the world of retail sales, books are a commodity item. There is little perceived differentiation in cover, size, content and price among books adjacent to each other on a shelf. Publishers make money by reducing costs and publishing more books every year. But how long can that go on? Here are the Top Ten Things You Can do to  Grow Profitably Selling Through Retailers.

  1. If you sell to retail buyers (bookstores and others) through a distribution network, work closely with them to support their salespeople and give them information about how your book is different form and better than competitive titles
  1. Optimize value at all levels, helping retailers
  1. Find new non-retail places to sell your books
  1. Offer a high degree of customization of cover and content
  1. Work with your printer and suppliers to reduce the cost of producing your book
  1. Work with your distribution partners at all levels to find creative solutions to their problems
  1. When all that links two companies in a value chain are product and financial flows it is relatively easy to change a supplier (or publisher). There are always different options. But when two companies are linked by mutual value, what was purely a transaction becomes a co-creation fed by trust and loyalty.
  1. Make yourself indispensable to your customers and suppliers
  1. The direct cost of purchasing your book is a fraction of what your customers spend on a campaign. They pay for storing products, training salespeople, creating marketing literature, etc. Help them design literature, shelf-takers, coupons, etc. Follow through to make sure you did all you said you would, on time and on budget, and let them know you did.
  1. Get referrals from clients and use them to expand and increase your sales.




In the Special-Sales Spotlight

This column regularly features a different special-sales (non-bookstore) topic. The current Spotlight is on information to help you sell non-fiction books to non-bookstore buyers.

Here you will find instructions for creating a marketing plan for a non-fiction book. 

Click on the spotlight and sign in to get all this information. You will need your APSS membership number to access the information.

Special-Sales Tip of the Day, September 17, 2014

There are at least 12 reasons why you should attend Book-Selling University. Here is reason #1: Increase your revenue with sales to non-bookstore buyers. Sell more books in a growing marketplace that is larger in size and opportunity than the bookstore market. If you do not seek book sales outside of bookstores than you may be missing half of your potential. Or, to look at it from a different perspective, you could double your sales with additional marketing effort directed to non-bookstore markets. How? Find out at the APSS Book-Selling University, October 24-25 in Philadelphia, sponsored by Bowker.

Learn more about that and get 6 free bonuses if you register by Sep 19 for Book-Selling University in Philly on Oct 24-25

Read it and Reap

Manage It Right! chronicles over 27 business management lessons and the steps necessary to evaluate and transform organizational and business performance in a refreshingly new way. Follow the journey of Dennis, a new and motivated midcareer manager, and Chuck, his seasoned mentor and consultant, as they overcome serious business challenges.


You Said It

“I woke up at 2:15 am buzzing with all the new ideas I learned. That was just after the first afternoon! A hands-down must for authors determined to make money from their book and for independent publishers wanting to expand their business. Thanks very much!”

       Laura Larson, attendee at the 2013 APSS conference

See the agenda for the 2014  APSS Book-Selling University at


They Said It

“A window of opportunity won’t open itself.”

             Dave Weinbaum

Get Unstuck -- Get Rid of Excuses

When the Spanish explorer Cortez landed at Veracruz, the first thing he did was burn his ships. Then he told his men, “You can either fight or you can die.” Burning his ships removed a third alternative: giving up and returning to Spain. Sometimes it takes more creativity to get rid of excuses than it does to come up with the idea. What three factors will make it difficult to reach your objective? How can you get rid of these excuses?

Novel Ideas -- Helpful Tips for Marketing Fiction enables writers to share content online. You can record a scene from your novel, tips from your business book or a reflective passage from your memoir. Spreaker also sends updates to social networks for live broadcast in seconds from a mobile app or desktop.


The APSS Book-Selling University can help you sell fiction to non-bookstore buyers. See how at

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