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Plan to attend our 2014 Sales Conference

We are planning the Second Annual APSS Sales Conference for October 24-25 in Philadelphia. This will be at an airport hotel with easy access to historic downtown for those who want to do a little sightseeing around the event. We are planning a different format, new topics and  additional speakers. More information will come soon, but save the dates!

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Top 10 Lists for Special-Sales (Non-Bookstore) Marketing

In this last segment of our series on making better book-marketing decisions the focus will be on what you can do to improve the accuracy and impact of your major decisions. Here are the Top Ten Keys to Making Better Decisions.  

  1.  Define the issue to be resolved. Adhere to the axiom, “A problem well stated is half solved.”
  2. Begin at 30,000 feet, observing the problem statement in terms of all the big-picture issues that could impact it.
  3. Reframe the initial problem as part of the broader circumstances and issues
  4. Apply strategic creativity by focusing your ideas on solving the problem
  5. Test your assumptions and ideas under real-world circumstances
  6. Pose incisive questions, seek quantitative analysis and solicit more information from varied sources
  7. Think through each decision and its relation and relevance to related issues
  8. If you lack the ability to see change coming before others do, associate with people who have that perceptual acuity
  9. Stay tuned in to your external environment to develop the ability to sense early warning signals and market opportunities
  10. Do not be afraid to act on opportunities outside of your comfort zone

In the Spotlight

This column regularly features a different special-sales (non-bookstore) topic. The first is information to help you sell business books to non-bookstore buyers.

Here you will find instructions for creating a marketing plan of a business title as well as a sample prospect list with 28 pages of potential special-sales buyers who can purchase your books in large, non-returnable quantities.  There is a description of how corporations use books as premiums and how you can find sales representatives to sell your business books for you to corporate buyers.

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Book Marketing Tip of the Week, April 19-28, 2014

I'll be traveling out of the country with no Internet access for the next week, so you have a break until April 28 with no "Tips of the Day." I'll leave you with a quotation about how to be successful in publishing: "Early to bed, early to rise, work like heck and advertise." Have a great week.

Read it and Reap

Sales Is a Contact Sport: Practical Advice and Ideas for Building Sales Expertise and Increasing Sales Production, by Tony Cefalu: Sales success is rooted in a fundamental understanding of how customers think, buy, and react to sales professionals and the sales process. It takes you on a unique journey towards understanding the basic emotional nature of people and applies that knowledge in building practical sales strategies that produce results. You'll be introduced to such concepts as: People are Complex, but they are Consistently Complex; Customers Feel First and Rationalize Later; What All Customers Crave; If You Live by Price, You Die by Price; Overcoming the Competitions Lower Price; Customer Perception Doesn't Need to be Accurate, Just Favorable; Value is in the Eye of the Beholder; Sales Is a Contact Sport is a must read for anyone wanting to take their production results to the next level.

You Said It

"Thank you for all your information.  It is helping me to sell my book.  All your ideas are so creative. Keep up your great work.  You definitely help people like me first time author and publisher."

                     Vivian R. Jacobson

They Said It

“Book marketing is like a 21-speed bicycle, with gears most of us never use.”


Get Unstuck -- 150 Book Marketing Tips

There are many elements that go into producing and marketing a book successfully. APSS has reduced them to a list of the 150 most important things you can do to reach your goals. These will be presented in groups of five over a period of time. They may help you get unstuck in your marketing efforts, sell more of your books and build your publishing empire. Here are tips 146-150:

146. Prospect for new business. The sales calls you make today may yield sales in six months or more. Spend time every day following up on current prospects and those who could be long-term potential buyers.

147. Do not conduct book signings.  People will come to an event to her information that is helpful to them. Give them information and then sell your book to them.

148. Know your buyers and your message. Sending the right message to the wrong target market will have little impact on sales. Similarly, communicating the wrong message to the right audience will increase sales minimally. Communicate the right message to the right audience and you should sell more books.

149. Prepare a one-sheet for the media. It should open with a targeted headline. Describe the benefits of your book to the show’s audience. Describe your credentials and media experience. List the topics you can discuss and close with your contact information.

150. Enjoy the ride. There are many opportunities for negativity, but use them as learning experiences. Take your work seriously, but not yourself. Have some fun along the way. The axiom for success in any business is to do what you love and love what you do.

151. Under-promise and over-deliver. Do more than you said you were going to do, on time and under budget.


Novel Ideas -- Helpful Tips for Marketing Fiction

Lunch Ticket seeks creative writing for young people, fiction, poetry and art.


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