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2014 APSS Book-Selling University -- Speaker Highlight

October 24-25 in Philadelphia --  sponsored by Bowker

Robin Bartlett's presentation will share the process he follows to help publishers develop an effective marketing and sales campaign to the college or school market.  He will provide tips and strategies you can use to develop your own program.  Here are some of the topics he will address in this presentation:

1.  Is your book adoptable in schools or colleges? 

2.  What should a marketing platform for your book include?

3.  What course and audience will your book fit?

4.  What are the elements of a successful promotional campaign?

5.  What are the elements of a test mailing?

6.  How do you handle complimentary copy requests?

7.  How do you follow-up and close an adoption?

8.  What resources do you need to support an adoption?

9.  How do you manage a long term campaign?

10. How do you evaluating your ROI?

See the full agenda and more information at

Register by September  15 to be eligible for a free book-cover makeover and other Early-Bird Discounts

Top 10 Tips for Selling More Books

People who say no to one of your proposals may be more likely to say yes if asked again. Use that fact to your advantage in a sales situation. If your prospect says no, think, “I heard what you said but it’s not what you meant.” You can more easily get to yes when you recognize the Top Ten Tips for Getting to Yes after No

  1. Begin with an attitude of how you can solve customers’ problems instead of thinking about how many books you can sell.
  2. People are reluctant to admit they made a mistake. Once they say no, they will not change their minds unless given new information.
  3. Do not tell them they made a bad decision. Instead, agree with them. Take them by surprise by saying, “That’s exactly what I would have said based on the information you have. But if you consider this fact… .”
  4. Rejection is often due to situational factors. People may want to help you, but at the present time may be too busy. When cold calling on the phone, give the recipient a reason to listen to you, then ask, “Is this a good time to talk?”
  5. In general, people want to be helpful. If they say no too quickly they may feel bad and actually become more willing to help – if you persist professionally.
  6. Start high and work down to a lower level of commitment. Most children learn that if they want a hamster they first ask for a pony.
  7. The buyer – not your product – should be the focus. Do not begin the sales process by asking, “What else can we make?” Instead ask, “What else can we do for our prospect?”
  8. Sell content, not books. The product form is a variable. If prospects want your content delivered as a DVD they will say no to a book.
  9. Listen to your prospects. Try to uncover and sell to their interests, not their positions. Their position may be that they have never used a book as a premium before, so why start now? Their interests lie in selling more of their product, motivating employees or creating a safer workplace. Focus on their interests.
  10.  Do not take no personally. Your prospects are not saying no, they are saying, “show me a way your content can help me and I’ll give it another look.” 

In the Special-Sales Spotlight

This column regularly features a different special-sales (non-bookstore) topic. The current Spotlight is on information to help you sell non-fiction books to non-bookstore buyers.

Here you will find instructions for creating a marketing plan for a non-fiction book. 

Click on the spotlight and sign in to get all this information. You will need your APSS membership number to access the information.

Special-Sales Tip of the Day, September 1, 2014

Build a positive image about your title or imprint to encourage repeat sales, create a certain level of expectation of quality, identify you as the genre leader, build a customer following, make it difficult for retailers to replace you with another publisher, transfer customer confidence to a new author under same imprint, maintain higher price and profitability levels, align with the tastes of a specific target niche, isolate the bad reputation of one imprint, arrange exclusive distribution agreements for different imprints, meet price competition with one imprint while maintaining a higher price on another.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day

Learn more about building an image at the APSS Book-Selling University in Philadelphia, Oct 24-25

Read it and Reap

Showing Up to Play is a business and life guide compared to the game of golf. Motivational speaker and author Robert Fiacco uses his experiences with this sport to share valuable lessons and guidance for overcoming life’s challenges.


You Said It

“The (2013) APSS conference had lots of relevant, timely and specific information for writers and publishers. Very empowering!” 

             Ruth Crocker

See the agenda for the 2014  APSS Book-Selling University at


They Said It

“Fearless” is living in spite of those things that scare you to death."

             Taylor Swift


Get Unstuck -- Give Yourself a Kick in the Seat of the Pants

Many of our personal goals are stranded on a little island called, "Someday I'll." Don't wait for your idea to happen. Give yourself a kick in the seat of the pants to make it happen. As adman Carl Ally put it, "Either you let your life slip away by not doing the things you want to do, or you get up and do them." What are three things you can do to reach your goal?

Novel Ideas -- Helpful Tips for Marketing Fiction, by Cynthia Frank. Contact Cynthia at

This information is an excerpt from the boilerplate letter I often send to new poets who’ve submitted their work to us for royalty publication. By new, I mean they’re usually unpublished, at least in recognized, non-vanity publications, and novices when it comes to knowing how to submit their work. We only publish one poetry title per year, though I receive more than five submissions each week. So, here’s another view from my soapbox:


Read out loud, whether it’s your poetry or someone else’s. Tape record yourself. How do you sound? How does your poetry sound? What would you do to make it better?

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