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2014 APSS Book-Selling University -- Speaker Highlight

October 24-25 in Philadelphia --  sponsored by Bowker

Dan Poynter is an author of more than 100 books, has been a publisher since 1969 and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

 He is an evangelist for books, an ombudsman for authors, an advocate for publishers and the godfather to thousands of successfully published books.

 His seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal and his story has been told in The New York Times. The media come to Dan because he is the leading authority on book publishing.

 Dan travels more than 6,000 miles each week to share, inspire and empower writers, publishers and professional speakers through keynotes and seminars. 

See the agenda and more information at

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Top 10 Tips for Selling More Books

Ten Ways to Improve Your Creativity, Decision Making and Multi-tasking (Your Brain at Work, Harvard Business Review, July –August 2013) 

  1. Having unfocused free time is an important factor in breakthrough innovations
  2. Meditation is an effective way of detaching
  3. Less stringent gols may help you respond more positively
  4. Overly precise goals often engender myopic responses
  5. Focus on the task, not on the outcome -- intrinsically interesting work stimulates creativity
  6. Money is a more expensive and less efficient incentive for employees to be more creative or make better decisions
  7. Trust your gut feelings – can help to bypass complex and laborious analysis
  8. Complete immersion in a current task may be as bad as complete daydreaming – it may keep you from recognizing potentially useful environmental changes
  9. Limit the number so simultaneous strategic initiatives you undertake (don’t multi-task)
  10. Spending too much time on emails, texts, tweets, phone calls, etc is mentally fatiguing and impairs creative thinking

In the Special-Sales Spotlight

This column regularly features a different special-sales (non-bookstore) topic. The current Spotlight is on information to help you sell non-fiction books to non-bookstore buyers.

Here you will find instructions for creating a marketing plan for a non-fiction book. 

Click on the spotlight and sign in to get all this information. You will need your APSS membership number to access the information.

Special-Sales Tip of the Day, July 31, 2014

Empower yourself. Taking risks may simply be a matter of changing the way you think about risks – they are more like adventures. While in the corporate world many years ago I (Brian Jud) was apprehensive about leaving the secure position to start my own business. Then came a layoff and I decided to listen to Robert Schuller who said “I’d rather try something great and fail, than do nothing and succeed.”  Is something holding you back from making the leap to special sales?

Read it and Reap

Business Adventures, By John Brooks. This is Bill Gates’ favorite business book. According to Gates (Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2014, page C3) ”Brooks’ work is a great reminder that the rules for running a strong business and creating value haven’t changed. For one thing, there’s an essential human factor in every business endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect product, production plan and marketing pitch; you’ll still need the right people to lead and implement those plans.

You Said It

“The (2013) APSS Sales Conference was an intense, dynamic and fascinating event. I acquired a great deal of valuable information and made great contacts. The inner world of special sales has always been an area of publishing that nobody else covers for authors, and it is the hottest market for authors today!” 

         Jan Kardys

See the agenda for the 2014  APSS Book-Selling University at


They Said It

“It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts. It’s the work you put in your hours.”

        Sam Ewing

Get Unstuck -- Assign a Deadline

For many authors, the ultimate inspiration is the deadline. That is when you put away your excuses and get down to the business of making your idea happen. What tight deadline can you give yourself?

Novel Ideas -- Helpful Tips for Marketing Fiction, by Cynthia Frank

This information is an excerpt from the boilerplate letter I often send to new poets who’ve submitted their work to us for royalty publication. By new, I mean they’re usually unpublished, at least in recognized, non-vanity publications, and novices when it comes to knowing how to submit their work. We only publish one poetry title per year, though I receive more than five submissions each week. So, here’s another view from my soapbox:

Join a writer’s group. Enjoy the mutual support, cogent criticism and new ideas that a group can provide.

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